“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”

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Hello, friends!
I’m Mary Cranston.

I’m a life coach, motivational speaker and sports psychology coach with nearly 20 years of experience. My background as a collegiate athlete and the daughter of a Hall of Fame coach, as well as my extensive field work in sports psychology/mental health and parenting, make me a uniquely qualified expert. I approach my coaching with an authentic and real outlook—propelling my clients to thrive in their confidence and worthiness, equipping them with the tools to make an affect on the world around them. I teach my clients to put down the approval of other’s baton and fill up their lives with purpose and intentionality. I can’t wait to meet you and help you realize your full potential!


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Individual & Group Coaching. Sports Psychology & Recruitment Coaching. Parenting & Family Management.


Published Author: A-Made-Up-Mind | Tools for a Stronger Thought Life. Click here to read the blog.

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