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About Mary Cranston M.Ed.

Mary Cranston is an award-winning speaker, published author and performance coach with an energetic and engaging presence. She teaches practical strategies and tools to keep moving forward while overcoming challenges, and to fully embrace and harness opportunities.

Time and time again, Mary Cranston has led her clients to deliberately create a positive result that would not have happened otherwise. Mary leads with inspiration, collaboration and authenticity.

What sets Mary apart?

Emotional Intelligence and leadership

She is a leader with high EQ which makes her intrinsically more self-aware. She understands the mental processes and knows how to direct people. High EQ leads to high passion as well as being socially in tune with others.

Balance in soft and hard leadership skills

Strong leadership is found in a blend of soft and hard skills. Mary has mastered this balance. She is a leader who understands what drives the bottom line, yet, she is a leader who can get others to perform at their best which ultimately creates a winning scenario.


Mary has an ability to direct herself effectively and powerfully. She can get things done, organize tasks and avoid procrastination. Mary can make decisions wisely and also considers all the options on the table.


At the heart of Mary’s leadership is her authenticity. Mary understands that leaders don’t succeed by telling people what they have to do! Instead, that leaders encourage and equip people to take the steps to succeed. Mary is genuine and sincere and wants to help others reach their highest potential.


  • Developing a relationship structure to have successful encounters with others

  • Understanding emotions and gaining tools to manage feelings

  • Walking through loss and grief and come out the other side

  • Recovering from a divorce and equipping to move forward

  • Developing a new mindset-dumping the negative sabotage thought life

  • Assessing and thriving in your personality type

  • Learning and applying the 5 healthy habits to all relationships

  • Releasing guilt and shame from your life

  • Mapping a future plan of success

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Learning how to focus your energy on healthy relationships

  • Assessing and defining your goals, based on your unique spiritual gifts

  • Learning how to forgive others who have hurt you so you can set yourself free!

  • Learning about necessary endings-Closing one door will open another

  • Living a more productive, guilt-free life

  • Becoming an unshakable spirit

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