“Change your

mind… change

your life.”

A Made Up Mind Book Cover.png

A-Made-Up-Mind: Tools for a Stronger Thought Life

Many people never tap into this unseen victory potential of the mind. Did you know that each thought takes your life in one direction another? Each thought also pulls you closer or further away from God and your divine purpose.

In her book, Mary Cranston blends her practical insights and her personal experiences with Scriptures to teach you how to have A–Made-Up-Mind and reach your greatest potential.

It is through the renewal of the mind, that real life-change occurs. In A-Made-Up-Mind, Life Coach & Expert Communicator, Mary Cranston, provides practical tools to help readers guard, discipline, and restore their thought life. A-Made-Up-Mind will eliminate reactionary thoughts and emotional decision-making, and direct you toward a thought life aligned with Christ. A mind renewed, is a heart bound to hope, joy and peace.


Note: Mary Cranston’s formerly Mary Vandenhazel