Going from Nowhere to Now Here: Turn a Setback into a Comeback

How do you go from a setback to a comeback? This Easter season is really about the greatest comeback of all time. Our greatest example of coming back and beyond is watching how Jesus was betrayed and beaten yet he did not settle into that setback. He made his comeback and beyond!

A comeback is not a go back. We can’t go back and fix things. Most people try to go back and try to repair.  We nurse the setback and rehearse the setback. And in time we are our setback.

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It’s Valentine’s Season -- Just Not Feeling the Love?

Unsafe People, Soul Wounding & How to Attract Healthy Relationships 

I know it’s February and everywhere we turn we are supposed to be “feeling-the-love.” What if you’re like; “yeah, no?” Maybe you find yourself in an unsafe relationship? Ignoring your gut, your instincts and your spirit is one of the main reasons we stay in unsafe relationships. You rationalize, justify and deny the harm that the person is doing to you and they are taking up more ground in your life every day. Grab your highlighter pen right now. Unsafe people can blameshift like no other. An unsafe person will always bring their blameshift to every conversation. It is their A game.

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Seeing is Believing - How to Create the Perfect Vision Board

“Seeing is believing” is kind of a universal thought! Did you know that 82% of us are visual learners? This is why a vision board can serve as a daily reminder and a tangible daily check list. Seeing what I want to achieve through images and phrases has become vital for my growth. I can talk about what I want to do and have plans all day, but without a physical reminder the goals will dissolve into a wish.

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