Seeing is Believing - How to Create the Perfect Vision Board


It’s not too late to create your Vision Board for 2019!

“Seeing is believing” is kind of a universal thought! Did you know that 82% of us are visual learners? This is why a vision board can serve as a daily reminder and a tangible daily check list. Seeing what I want to achieve through images and phrases has become vital for my growth. I can talk about what I want to do and have plans all day, but without a physical reminder the goals will dissolve into a wish.

Vision boards keep you on track. In my favorite book it says: Keep your eye on the prize! These boards bring clarity to your vision or prize. Writing goals down is a great start however the board is truly the launch pad to your growth and success.

Vision boards also help you to get unstuck. Downer days will come and then you take a glance at your board and instantly your purpose is clear. Here’s the key- keep the board in a central place in your life where you see it every day. If you are a faith person-extend a hand and shoot up a prayer over your goals. The board needs to be affirmed daily and your mind needs to be renewed daily.

I am very excited about this year and I hope my excitement has rubbed off on you. Stay focused, stay positive and remember it is never too late to start a vision board.