Mentors Are the Most - How to Be a Good Mentor and Mentee



Here is what I know. If you want to go fast, go it alone. If you want to go farther, get a mentor.  Nothing great has ever been accomplished alone. Never. Not ever. For every great accomplishment in my life I can trace it back to a mentor who helped me achieve it.

I have learned two things about my mentors. They can provide a spark of innovation or a simple truth to push me toward my goals. Sometimes I need a sparkle and sometimes I need a simple truth-and they seem to always know which one I need. How do they do this? The are proven, powerful and proverb wise!

What sets a mentor apart from other relationships is that they have already arrived at what I want to do. Other relationships have a collaboration, joint effort, group think and partnership-not the mentor relationship. It is like no other-because you are sitting with the “wise one.” You have had a front row seat to their life and have seen them in so many arenas and they are legit. They are the real deal in your life. What I like most about my mentors are that they are not super concerned with me liking them, impressing me, watching their words, people pleasing. Because they have arrived, they are set free to be truly authentic.  And the best part, you get a glimpse into their life so you can see what it is like to be in their shoes where you want to end up. First hand.

Mentors are confidence and character builders. I know my confidence comes first through God and second through my mentors. Everyone will hit a confidence wall where you are just not feeling it-just not. Self-doubt, perfectionism and anxiety creep in. Then you can hear the voice of your mentor talking you through it. Again- sometimes a fresh new spark and other times a simple but different perspective.

How important is a mentor to your life? The most.

Bottom line:

  1. My best tip-don’t wait one more day to get a mentor.

  2. Hire a mentor, performance coach, consultant.

  3. Ask family and friends and network like crazy until you find the right mentor.

  4. You pursue them! You contact them, set up the meetings-make it work for them with their schedule.

  5. No brainer-show an incredible amount of appreciation for your mentor. They don’t have to be your mentor. They want to be your mentor.

Go get it!

January is National #MentoringMonth; January 17, 2019 is International Mentoring Day; January 31, 2019 is #ThankYourMentor Day.

Mary Cranston M.Ed.Comment