Going from Nowhere to Now Here: Turn a Setback into a Comeback


How do you go from a setback to a comeback? This Easter season is really about the greatest comeback of all time. Our greatest example of coming back and beyond is watching how Jesus was betrayed and beaten yet he did not settle into that setback. He made his comeback and beyond!

A comeback is not a go back. We can’t go back and fix things. Most people try to go back and try to repair.  We nurse the setback and rehearse the setback. And in time we are our setback.

To move from nowhere to now here we must accept our setback. Trust the struggle. Your greatest growth will be produced from this setback-so trust it. We accept where we are now. We take an inventory. And believe it or not, we get a little energy and enthusiasm about our comeback that is around the corner. Today's decisions are tomorrow’s realities. It is a daily decision to create and stay on course for your comeback.

The first and most important thought to flip is that God’s view of me makes people’s view of me irrelevant.

Move toward getting your thinking aligned with what God thinks, and you are on your way. Our lives are not about one large breaking moment. It is about one transparent and transforming step at a time.  You are now here, and you are a mighty person in the making.

Wishing you and your family many blessings this Easter.