How to Practice Soul Care this Summer

Whew! My yard was bad this year. So bad. I neglected my lawn care, my shrubs are sickly, and my soil is dried up like clay. Where to begin?

Your yard and your soul cannot fix themselves! The neglected soul won’t go away-it goes awry. I strive really hard all year to consistently do self-care for my outsides: coffee, massage, brow waxing, pedicures, exercise… but often times my insides (soul) doesn’t match my outsides. From personal brokenness to the brokenness in the world all around us, the toxins can pollute our air and turn into a downward flow in our lives. So, let’s put on the brakes and tend to our yard and tend to our souls this summer.

First, let’s take an honest look at the condition of our souls.

  • Is my soul thirsty? The soul is a sacred place. God meets you in your soul. When the soul is disintegrated it doesn’t eventually bounce back. Jesus got this. He said in Matthew 12:24, “Out of the abundance of the heart man speaks.” Your insides and outsides are deeply connected.

Reflection Question: At this time, is my soul tired, tuned out or tied in knots?

  • Do I need a fresh wind? For most of us self-care aims at physical and psychological renewal. Soul Care accesses the true inner peace and spiritual oxygen our souls crave.

Reflection Question: Am I gasping for air? Am I driving a car with four flat tires?

This summer grab a friend, a tribe, a Bible study, a girlfriend group, or go solo. I would love to have you join me all summer long in pursuing and restoring our souls.

We’ve been interviewing women doing Soul Care, as well as giving further tips and resources on our social media platforms. It’s not too late to join us! Watch your soul bloom into a beautiful sight this summer and walk into Fall feeling refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated.

If you’ve been participating in Summer Soul Care, we’d love to hear your ideas - please post them in the comments below to inspire others!

Be blessed & be bold,