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#GriefMountain: The Most Epic —Yet Universal — Climb Ever; How to Overcome Grief & Loss

Can I just say: grief is bad enough all by itself? Right? Friends and family may pull back, leaving you feeling abandoned. It may seem as if you have fallen into a pit from where there is no escape. Experiencing a terrible loss and the grief that goes with it is the most concrete proof there is that you are a real, live, normal human being.

To me, grief feels like a cup of water that is full all the way up to the brim. You head out for the day, feeling good, not thinking about the loss and your self-talk is…“You’ve got this…you’re over it… move on.” Then you dash into the gym, got your game on, and suddenly you’re face-to-face with that person, and they say, “I heard about your loss; I am sooooo sorry. How are you doing?” The long pause. It is in that moment that the cup of water starts to spill over the brim. You literally feel it coming up and it’s going to spill. Your tears come.  The embarrassment floods your face and you can’t find an exit.

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