You might be a little puzzled about life coaching? Many of us have experienced coaching in athletics or music or other areas of our life.  A Life Coach functions in the exact same way.  Mary will help you explore your strengths, your values, and your dreams.  She will partner with you as you take steps to take action toward your goals.  She coaches with motivation, encouragement, accountability and grace.


Like counseling, coaching also supplies support and direction. However, counseling therapy treats psychological disorders and directs people in the management of their disorder. Coaching provides encouragement and motivation to emotionally healthy people to push forward toward living an extraordinary life.

Mary provides the best of both worlds!  She has a master’s degree in Psychology and has been in the counseling/coaching field for nearly two decades. Mary made the transition from the counseling field to coaching because of the enhanced benefits and results she has witnessed and experienced with her clients in coaching.

Time and time again, Mary Cranston has led her clients to deliberately create a positive result that would not have happened otherwise. Mary leads with inspiration, collaboration and authenticity.

Are you ready to reach your highest potential?
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