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Grief & Loss

Grief is a very personal journey. There are no short cuts. You have to deal with grief or it will reappear. It’s an intentional process and everyone experiences grief in their own way. Be patient with yourself or others going through loss.

Find someone to encourage you and help you navigate through it: a life coach, counselor or therapist. We hope the resources here provide helpful information, comfort, and inspiration for those overcoming grief and loss.

To understand how to help, it’s very important to try and understand exactly what grief is. Grief is a response to the loss of someone or something important in your life. Sometimes, bonds of affection or love make it that much harder to cope with the intense emotions. Many of us forget the cognitive, cultural and philosophical difficulties that can come from losing someone close to us.

Life Coach Mary Cranston is currently working on her next book, Grief Mountain, where she will take readers through the grief journey and provide some practical and effective strategies for overcoming obstacles, processing loss, and moving forward.

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August is National Grief Awareness Month which is recognized internationally in many ways. This is a time to come together and remember loved ones or other losses. We raise awareness about grief and loss by: sharing inspirational quotes, information and resources via social media, and our recent Blog post focuses on overcoming grief and loss. National Grief Awareness Day is on August 30th and honors those who have suffered while teaching others the realities of bereavement.