Through individual and group coaching, Life Coach Mary Cranston helps clients with:

  • Developing a relationship structure to have successful encounters with others

  • Understanding emotions and gaining tools to manage feelings

  • Walking through loss and grief and come out the other side

  • Recovering from a divorce and equipping to move forward

  • Developing a new mindset-dumping the negative sabotage thought life

  • Assessing and thriving in your personality type

  • Learning and applying the 5 healthy habits to all relationships

  • Releasing guilt and shame from your life

  • Mapping a future plan of success

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Learn how to focus your energy on healthy relationships

  • Assessing and defining your goals based on your unique spiritual gifts

  • Learning how to forgive others who have hurt you so you can set yourself free!

  • Learning about necessary endings-Closing one door will open another

  • Living a more productive, guilt-free life

  • Becoming an unshakable spirit

    Are you interested in gaining the tools to live a fully productive life?