Parent & Family Management

At no time in history have parents been more unsure of their role. Families are under attack on many fronts. Parenting is a little bit of a blur today and parents are guessing at whether they are using the best techniques. Mary empowers parents, educates parents and equips parents to get a grip and get a grasp on the developmental needs of each child.

Mary coaches and trains parents on how to manage their family life and stay out in front of their children and their needs.

Coaching sessions include:

  • Creating and writing a mission statement for the family.

  • Implementing a discipline plan that is centered in a straight forward structure that anyone can do.

  • Co-parenting to have a high functioning home structure, schedules and time management.

  • Train parents in tools for specific challenges with ADHD, OCD. Anxiety/Depression parenting strategies.

  • Assist parents with working with school needs, 504 planning, IEP Planning and overall school success.

  • Train and assist parents in parenting bullying situations at school.

  • Learn techniques in parenting at-risk and challenging teens.

  • Teach parents about “Girl Drama” and how to intervene and equip your daughter to grow confidently in herself.

  • Work along side of parents in porn prevention for the family with technology safety.