Sports Psychology and No Regrets Recruiting

No Regrets Recruiting

As a former collegiate athlete and coach, Mary has first hand experience with every detail of recruiting. Her bottom line is that if an athlete wants to pursue an athletic scholarship; the most important belief is to pursue it with no regrets. She believes in putting your very best self out there, enjoying the journey and seeing how it plays out. Many aspects have to come into alignment to receive a scholarship.

Mary emphasizes the exciting journey, the challenge and to hold the outcome loosely. Her motto is “Let’s put our best foot forward and see what happens!”

The No Regrets Recruiting process include:

  • Creating a highlight video

  • Researching and identifying possible programs and schools

  • Developing a recruiting packet with all vital information

  • Coaching tips on communicating with college coaches

  • Planning and preparing for college visitations and tryouts

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